Reichian Therapy and Bioenergetics
         and their Developmental Extension into                                           Bodywork

                 As practiced by Nicholas Evan O'Connor  Dip PHINZ


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This site is dedicated to understanding the feeling body, it's language, it's problems and it's potential.  From this, an understanding of the whole of humanity is possible, for each one of us is an essential part of all branches of the human race and each of us has unique experiences that go towards the making of the whole.

If we are open enough, we can widen the scope of our understanding by encompassing the differences between all people, all people.  As far as the language of the body is concerned, race and culture make no difference to what the body attempts to say in a feeling way. Culture and the traditions of the society are learned things, that is, they are learned in the mind and overlay the body state. 

 Underneath the apparent differences between cultures are feeling human beings with the need to love and be loved, to express the fullness of their individuality in safety, without fear of restriction or limitation. When society expects limitation of individual feeling expression, the body becomes angry. 

Body anger, whether in the family group or on a larger scale within the society, or extended out again to anger between societies, is at it's base, due to personal restriction and conditioning experienced within the family group.  The normal way  of handling this anger, is to externalize it. The externalization of anger, is the blaming of others, for our feelings. While anger is externalized in this way, it can never be resolved. 

Bioenergetic bodywork works to resolve body anger through physical contact and  by understanding the resulting spontaneous body movement in a feeling way. Once anger has been resolved the mind is eased of the burden of always having to try and find a way of releasing it and clarity of purpose, enhanced self awareness, increased self worth and a deep sense of individuality is attained. 

My goal as a Bodywork specialist, is to continuously deepen my understanding of the human state so that I can readily pass on this knowledge to the people I work with.  I have found that the best way for me to do this, is to be as open as possible, to understand myself and to observe what others are really doing with their bodies. Passing on this knowledge, entails expressing the truth of what I see in the simplest ways possible so that the understanding of the body becomes a learning experience, for both the people I work with, and for myself.

As an individual practitioner I belong to no organization, therapeutic society nor do I adhere to any governmental limitation.

The human body is built on Universal Law and I adhere only to that Law. This is the law of the body, when I look at the beauty of the male and female forms and the understanding contained within, no man made law comes close to the way that the body upholds only the highest of ideals. 

I work with individuals, groups, couples, with a child and a parent or guardian present and involved, session times for all, can range from 1 to 2 hours. Charges are by the hour.

I also lecture and give bodywork demonstrations to groups, organizations and interested professionals in any part of the world. As I can only speak English, an interpreter would need to be provided for non English speaking audiences and participants. For more details go to Services

To book a Bodywork demonstration, lecture or group work, Email, telephone, fax or write. Charges are a set fee plus traveling and accommodation expenses. Go to Services section/Workshops  

I run night classes at a local college and have some literature on my work.

For literature go to the Products section of this Web site.

I have two clinics, one home based approximately 1 1/2 hours north of Auckland 
and 1 hour south of Whangarei and the other at Malcolm Harker's Apocathery at 43 The Center, Waipu. 1/2 an hour south of Whangarei
64-09-431-5089 for appointments
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Po Box 105, Mangawhai 0583. NEW ZEALAND
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