Reichian Therapy and Bioenergetics
         and their Developmental Extension into                                           Bodywork

                 As practiced by Nicholas Evan O'Connor  Dip PHINZ


                          The art of movement from the source






In summing up the general tone of these pages, the passenger in lifes Journey,  is also at the wheel and can, with a little self knowledge, confidence, some understanding and breadth of thinking, steer his or her vehicle of experience into whatever direction desired, at any time and in any way.

Problems of the body, the emotions and the thinking are understandable, can be positively directed so that the totality of your health and life experience is in your own hands. Having help to change your direction, or give you access to the deeper understanding you feel you might need, should be available to any person and it is your right to have that. You are an individual, you have a place in your society, you are meant to be on this earth living and breathing and you have the capacity to live to the ultimate best that is possible for a human being to live. You have rights and possibilities that are written into the beauty of your own structure. 

What and who you are is also written into the shape of your body and your face. This tells of your history, your Souls journey and where you are at in this moment of time. Life is a journey into understanding and our tragedy is that we can sleep when there is work to be done. It may seem like there is all of the time in the world, to the Soul, there is no such thing as time, it wants the fullest and most complete life, filled with understanding, for you, right now. No person is greater or smaller than any other person for we all have our job to do and our denstiny relates to us as individuals. Each cell in your body is an individual and it works in unison with every other cell to make for the best that there can possibly be. It is also true for each individual human on this earth, that we can all work in unison for the best that we  possibly can be. 

Shine like only you know how to do, shine like you are the sun, cast your unique light into the darkness around you and maybe others will be inspired by your truth.

Nicholas Evan O'Connor  

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