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17-The Treatment of Depression 

Depression is anger that has been turned inwards on the self, creating a lock. If you look at it in energy terms, what would have been an outward flow of healthy expression in a person with an  open body system, thereby using up the associated energy, in depression,  the outward expression is halted and locks the attached energy into the body state. This creates a feeling of powerlessness.  

When the ability to express outwards has been limited by the way we are conditioned, the "impulse to express" our deeper nature, is suppressed. The relationship between the mind and the body is stressed, with the mind not being comfortable with what or how the body wants to assert itself. The minds discomfort with the bodies self declaration has been learned on the passage to adulthood. This discomfort with self assertion relates to what has been taught about acceptable and non acceptable behaviours in relation to the society. 

The feeling in the mind can be likened to a floodgate that is trying to open and close at the same time. The more force applied to the opening manouver triggers an equal and opposite force trying to close it and consequently the gate remains in exactly the same position.  Eventually, the deciding factor as to whether the floodgate opens or closes  will be a weakness somewhere in the controlling system. The gate will open or close by a breakage of some sort and in a human being the breakage is felt as a breakdown. When that occurs, the stress is extreme and technically, the breakdown is caused by holding back "The Impulse to Express".

As this Therapy is energy based and orientated, the energy systems are worked with in a way that is acceptable to the mind.Depression itself is not actually worked on as that is only the result of the actual problem. Once the mind understands what the body really wants to say and allows for those expressions to be lived through movement, then the energy that the depression is attached to, is released. 

The analysis of body movements gives the mind a "feeling understanding" of the inner needs for self expression  and from that moment on, looks at the body in a different way. Once having worked through an extreme state like depression the resulting clarity brings up a feeling of self worth and a deeper understanding of the relationship problems that have been entwined in disharmony. 

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