Reichian Therapy and Bioenergetics
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13 Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease

From the moment you can perceive the human being as an energy organism and that it's good health relies on the unhindered flow of energy  , it is easy to see that the holding back of an energy flow will build up an excess. It is also easy to see that after time, the energy block will overload the whole human state and eventually lock it into a position where it cannot be used in the way it was originally intended.  

In the title of this section, the problems of the body, are diseases that "creep". They start off small in some way and because of the patterning within the system, gradually take over the whole being. They are not diseases that you can catch from any outside source, they are not an inherited problem on a genetic level, even if there is evidence that others in the family tree have the same or similar problems,  they are diseases that relate to how a person lives within themselves and it expresses the relationship they have to their own body.  

Initially in the life, the protective mechanism that eventuates in the above problems, was actioned to provide a feeling of safety, in a way that was felt at the time to be completely warranted. If, for instance, there was only one moment in time where the protection in this way was needed, then it is highly unlikely that any problem would ensue as a result. What I am talking about is the protective mechanism in action continuously in relation to constant pressures in the immediate environment. Pressures on the child that are not identified or understood by the adults in the group. By the time the child has developed into more of an individual,  the pattern of self protection in this way has invaded the system in a debilitating manner and gradual breakdown occurs.

Because of the incremental nature of the disease's advance, it is hard for the individual to spot what is going on and by the time it has a hold, the debilitating pattern is well established and therefore encompassed as a natural part of the way of life.

Treatment does not entail the learning of a new behaviour or pattern to compensate for, or cover the problem. Identifiable abnormalities in the blood or any other system of the body only show the result of the problem and are not the problem itself.  The study of the genes or the search for a new chemical or medicine may be honorable within the realms of the medical and pharmaceutical world,  but I do not believe that deep reaching help is possible in this way.

Treatment through the combination of Reichian Therapy, Bioenergetics and Bodywork activates the bodies own knowledge of what the problem is about.  When working at that level, the body itself will do everything it can to heal a problem and the mind will be an observer of the process. Ultimately the mind gains understanding of the enigma through cognition and by eventually trusting the body to show the way. The healing work of this nature highlights the problems caused by the patterned limiting of movements and free expression and displays for the mind, how the expectations of society negatively affect the health of the individual. 

No drugs are used in any part of this treatment.  

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