Reichian Therapy and Bioenergetics
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7-Parent or Guardian with Child, Bodywork for Understanding

If you are having problems dealing with the emotions and feelings of your child,  if you do not understand what is happening in your childs world and are interested in learning about it,  this is a way of understanding exactly what is going on  by both observing and participating in the growth process.

It is advised that you engage in the therapy process first so that you understand for yourself, how it works. The best thing for your child, if there are unresolved issues, angers and frustrations,  is for you to engage in your own growth work in advance. Adults are the leaders in the family group and leadership by positive  example, always has the most power. Once you start getting changes in the way you relate to your partner, your children and the world and you understand what it is that interferes with healthy openness, then you can present therapy to your child as a way of helping them handle their feelings and emotions, deal with sibling problem areas, school situations and as a way of understanding themselves. This work will help build self esteem and confidence,  aid in maturation and heal problem areas, without drugs and without having to learn new behaviour patterns that cover suppressed problems. 

In Bioenergetics, problem areas are resolved by the body. It knows what the problem is, and it knows exactly what it needs to do to resolve it, all the body needs, is the right circumstances, the right situation and the right understanding. When it has those aspects of life, the body will resolve any problem it has, easily and without fuss. The body is a healer, it doesn't think about it, it just does it  If you get a cut or a scratch, your body immediately starts the healing process and we can either hinder that, or help it. With emotions and feelings, the body is also a healer, what stops problems associated with our feelings being resolved, is how we have been conditioned to operate in this life, in this society, in very   restrictive ways. This restrictivness stops us healing our emotional hurts. Bodywork gets past this limitation,  by asking that the mind be an observer of the healing process, rather than an interference in the healing process. You may think that is hard to do, but it is not, it is so simple that it is past thinking. 

Conditioning,  is only a negative pattern of living,  held as memory in the brain, and overlayed on the body.  Originally, early in the life, the mind saw the taking on of a negative pattern of living, as something that would aid survival. It, (the negative pattern, and we may not have liked it at the time) had a job to do that minimised unpleasantness, so the pattern was welcolmed. Trouble is, when we get to be adults, and we have the opportunity to be powerful and expressive in our own right, we find that the pattern is debilitating. It is in direct conflict with our need to express ourselves and we have a dilema with the drive to express fully, who we are. 

What do we do with the energy, that surrounds the bodies desire to deeply express itself? A small part of it goes into the action that we have been conditioned to make in regards to what is, and is not acceptable in the society, a bigger part goes into suppressing the true action that we would have completed, had we been able to be true to ourselves with total openness, and the rest is contained in the cellular structure of the body.   This is called stress and over time, eventually armors the body. The body hardens to it and it's name, coined by Dr Wilhelm Reich early last century, is called "Body Armoring". It just means the cells are packed hard with energy that the person doesn't know how to get rid of.  

We are energy creatures, the energy is all around us, we swim in it. Our bodies (us) use this energy to regulate life. The more open the body is the more energy passes through it and the more alive we are. Have you ever noticed how children are so alive when they are happy and well? And so down when they have to quieten themselves. One state expresses the use of energy and the other state expresses the suppression of energy.

If, after you have experienced Reichian Therapy, Bioenergetics and Bodywork, you understand how it can help you and your child to find greater harmony and balance and your child is open to the experience, then sessions can be arranged so that both of you are present and both of you learn to understand the body. 

How it works

As the adult who has the direct responsibility  for your child, you sit in on Bodywork sessions and observe the process of your child physically  resolving issues that interfere with the harmonious atmosphere of the home. Having first hand experience of Bioenergetics and Bodywork yourself will help in understanding the process of your childs development and the resolution of problems. By being involved in therapy in this way you start to bridge some of the gaps that have formed within the family structure. This has the effect of helping a deeper bond form between you and your child which over time eases any  communication problems and brings balance into the home. 

Bodywork deals directly with the truth of the body state, exposing and resolving holding patterns through feeling expression at a body level. No exercises or set movements are encouraged or involved in bodywork. Energy is released through  the participant acting from a  feeling level that is below the level of intellectual awareness and control. The mind becomes  an observer of the resultant feeling expression and understanding of the self is gained by the release of bound energy and the relating associated movements and expressions, to what is happening in the life.  

If you feel that this service would be benificial to you and your child and you wish to make an appointment you can Email me on  or write to Nicholas O'Connor at 

O'Connor Bioenergetics. 

PO Box 105.

Mangawhai 0583.

New Zealand

or phone/fax 64 09 431-5089 

You can arrange appointments through any of the above medians.

All correspondence is strictly confidential. No information you give about yourself or others is discussed with anyone else. No document or part of any document that you may email, fax or post to me is given or shown to any other person or company.

If you live overseas or in a part of New Zealand where it is impractical for you to travel for an appointment, two, three, four, five day or more, intensive Therapy can be arranged with local Accommodation at Lake View Chalet's  Reduced rates can apply from Monday to Thursday bookings. Owners Gabi and Sven. Email  or phone 0800-525-384


Normal session rates for therapy are $120.00 per hour for individuals.

$120.00 per hour for Parent or Guardian and child together.  

Intensives are one session per day on consecutive days and are $100.00 per hour either for individuals or for sessions where adult and child are together..

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