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8-Pregnancy Problems with Mothers to be and Partners

Modern society in the Western World, differs quite dramatically from the societies of our ancestors. Pregnancy and birth are handled totally different today and the effects that our modern world has on the mother to be, can create pressures that interfere negatively with the perfectly natural process of conception,  right through to birth itself.

Understanding some of the subtleties of these pressures and finding out how to fulfill your own needs at this time in your life can help immensely in easing the intensity of pregnancy and childbirth. There are simple things you can do with your partner to ease the effects of morning sickness for instance that do not involve drugs or exercises, and understanding yourself enough to read what the body is saying at the seven month stage, can help you flow with the process that starts around then.

Difficulties in pregnancy can be minimized by understanding yourself, by your partner understanding you and by you trusting yourself. Your body knows everything it needs to know to handle any situation you get into in your life, pregnancy is one of those situations. Your body knew how to get pregnant in the first place, it knew what to do to grow a life and it knows how to handle the passenger right up until its time for them to get off. The passenger says when they are  ready for that and your body opens to allow it to happen. 

Problems occur in pregnancy when we try and fulfill the needs of the society over and above our own.  The reasons why you might do that stem from how you have been brought up, what you have absorbed in the way of what you feel is  expected from you as a woman, your concept of yourself and your ability to satisfy yourself. Undue pressure or dissatisfaction during a time when the tenderness of your femininity is being announced to the world so visually, can deeply interfere with the whole process. The thinking can center around getting it over with as soon as possible or trying to hold it back for fear of not being ready or for fear of what might happen, or feeling insecure about where your partner is at in it all, or just not feeling understood in it. Many things can undermine the smooth flow of life and some growth work, either individually or with your partner, can help you understand and learn to trust your feelings.

The combination of Reichian Therapy, Bioenergetics and Bodywork is a learning tool designed to enable you to unload bound energy from the cellular structure of the body. Energy that is held this way in the body is associated with restricted self expression and hardens the body state. This is the exact opposite to what the body needs during pregnancy, in fact the exact opposite to what the body needs at any time in life. When the cells are overloaded with energy, movements are restricted, pain is experienced, breathing is affected and the mind is taken up with trying to find ways to unload the body. This concern of the mind to unload the body creates anxiety, which,  when added to the already unpleasant feeling being stressed due to having a tight body, interferes with a process, that when the body is relaxed, has all of the potential to be quite enjoyable.

If you, or you and your partner wish to deepen your understanding of yourselves and each other and learn how to release energy from the body in the safety of the therapy situation. If trusting yourself and following your feelings is important to you and you want to understand and live with the value of self worth  and understanding and you would like to make an appointment to see me for a session, there are a number of ways you can contact me.

 Email me on  or write to Nicholas O'Connor at 

O'Connor Bioenergetics. 

PO Box 105.

Mangawhai 0583.

New Zealand

or phone/fax 64 09 431-5089 

You can arrange appointments through any of the above medians.

All correspondence is strictly confidential. No information you give about yourself or others is discussed with anyone else. No document or part of any document that you may email, fax or post to me is given or shown to any other person or company.

If you live overseas or in a part of New Zealand where it is impractical for you to travel for an appointment, two, three, four, five day or more, intensive Therapy can be arranged with local Accommodation at Lake View Chalet's  Reduced rates can apply from Monday to Thursday bookings. Owners Gabi and Sven. Email  or phone 0800-525-384

Or at Hidden Valley Chalet's  Owners Pauline and Bruce McVicar. Email or phone 09 431-5332 and Fax-09-431-5552.   


Normal session rates for therapy are $95.00 per hour for individuals.

$95.00 per hour for you and your partner together 

Intensives are one session per day on consecutive days and are $85.00 per hour either for individuals or for sessions where both you and your partner are present at the same time.

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