Reichian Therapy and Bioenergetics
         and their Developmental Extension into                                           Bodywork

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9  Bioenergetic Bodywork for Over 65's

Many problems of the body do not show until we get older and what eventually shows in the way of physical and emotional breakdown is the result of the way we have held ourselves to a certain pattern of living, for an extended period of time. This patterning has been learnt at the beginning of the life and will involve everything that we are, our eating habits, the way we physically use our bodies, our personal expectations, our concept of ourselves, our ability to satisfy ourselves, the fullness of our relationships, every area of our existence and how we live, matters. 

What can be understood from this is, is that the body is really quite resilient. The tendency towards problems like arthritis for instance, do not suddenly come on with age. They gradually develop over an extended period of time and the tendancy towards any problem starts early in the life with the holding of the body to a mannerism, or a socially acceptable expression,  that resists the inner need for  an expression that relates the truth of ourselves to the world. 

How we live and our attitudes in life, either binds energy to the structure of the body, or releases energy.   Energy bound into the structure of the body through holding back the deeper expressions, must eventually break down the area, where the energy is held. 

I do not believe it was never intended that any age be painful or without joy. 

Understanding the body and it's language, releasing old energy patterns, changing your perspective and learning about yourself from a different angle,  can positively affect the total health of the body and help change life long attitudes of limitation and restriction. 

Bioenergetic Bodywork at any time in life releases restrictive patterns of holding and increases self awareness and understanding. Age does not matter for this and anyone at any stage in life can benefit from having a body that is free from bound energy.

If you have read this and feel that Bioenergetic Bodywork could help you and you wish to deepen your understanding of yourself, there are a number of ways you can contact me for appointments.

 Email me on  or write to Nicholas O'Connor at 

O'Connor Bioenergetics. 

PO Box 105.

Mangawhai 0583.

New Zealand

or phone/fax 64 09 431-5089 

You can arrange appointments through any of the above medians.

All correspondence is strictly confidential. No information you give about yourself or others is discussed with anyone else. No document or part of any document that you may email, fax or post to me is given or shown to any other person or company.

If you live overseas or in a part of New Zealand where it is impractical for you to travel for an appointment, two, three, four, five day or more, intensive Therapy can be arranged with local Accommodation at Lake View Chalet's  Reduced rates can apply from Monday to Thursday bookings. Owners Gabi and Sven. Email  or phone 0800-525-384

Or at Hidden Valley Chalet's  Owners Pauline and Bruce McVicar. Email or phone 09 431-5332 and Fax-09-431-5552.   


Normal session rates for therapy are $80.00 per hour for individuals over 65 years of age.

If you are in a couples relationship and you would both like to come for individual therapy and you are both over 65 years of age the session charge is $75.00 per hour each.

Intensives are one session per day on consecutive days and are $70.00 per hour  for each individual.

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