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12-Understanding Relationships with Reichian Therapy, Bioenergetics and Bodywork

Relationships are one of the most important areas of personal experience there is and also one of the areas where we can have the greatest problems. The adaptation to, and acceptance of another person at close quarters can bring to the fore all sorts of emotions and feeelings that otherwise would not have been exposed. The way we handle these feelings either satisfies our deeper needs for love and the satisfaction of self expression or throws us into a turmoil that can initially appear like the whole of our existence has been thrown upside down and lacks any sense of stability or understanding.

We learn what relationships are by growning up around them. From the moment of our conception we are exposed minute by minute to how our mothers relate to those around us, her feelings and thoughts, to being born and observing, feeling and experiencing relationships as an outsider and also as a participant in them. What we absorbed through the first 15 years or so of our lives we regard as normality, even if every moment of every day was painful or dysfunctional in some way or other. This then is how we come to adulthood, as carriers of experience, good or bad and we accept our relationships in the same way for we have chosen our partners from the memories of what we have lived up to ,until that point.  This is the basic reason  why relationships can be so difficult and seemingly filled at times, with disaster.  We may have learned to relate to each other by watching adults who were not necessarily good at relating to each other and not particularly good at satisfying their own needs

As an adult, the problems of relationships are not our parents or guardians fault, for it was us that absorbed the problems and it is up to each person in difficulty in relationships, to resolve and move on from the dysfunction by their own fruition.  

It is possible to understand yourself, your feelings and what occurs while we are relating to others and to live differently from the patterns we learned when growing up. Changing relationship problems, is not that difficult to do as your own body knows exactly what it needs to do to change everything about your life for the better. The answer lies within, and your body tells you immediately in all of the situations you are in, whether you are happy or not. The problem we have is whether to believe ourselves or not and the conditions of socialization we have learned, generally conflict with our feelings.

If you wish to change the angle at which you approach relationships from , release the patterns that interfere with internal balance and harmony, you may consider the  combination of Reichian Therapy, Bioenergetics and Bodywork as a way to make that happen. 

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