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16-The treatment of Phobias with Reichian Therapy, Bioenergetics & Bodywork

Fear based states of the body and mind can be completely debilitating and limit our ability to attain satisfaction in life. Combination body orientated therapy, works with the energy that is locked in and around the identified problem.  Learning how to release bound energy easily, also releases the locking associated with Phobias and with that release comes understanding and self awareness. 

In Phobias, the mind focuses on an external situation that symbolically equates to an unresolved feeling within the body state. The resulting physical syptoms, whatever they are- sweating, shortness of breath, anxiety, panic and other uncomfortable mental and body sensations are how the body actually feels when we block off an energy flow.

The actual problems at the base of any Phobia are more to do with how we feel about ourselves, how centered we are and how balanced, whether we are fulfilling our basic desires and how satisfied we are, whether or not we are achieving to the level of what we know is possible, expressing ourselves openly and as deeply as we are capable of, whether we have identified our strength and power in life, our seperateness from others, our ability to give and receive love and the fear we have learnt in relation to any of these possibilities. 

Early in the life, our impulses drive us into feeling expressions that satisfy the variations listed in the last paragraph and it only takes dissaproval and rejection of the associated drives for them to become fixed into the body state. When that happens, a cluster of energy is retained around the stifled impulse and the body in an effort to heal itself tries to let go of the impulse at every opportunity. The holding back of the impulse is controlled at a mental level and so the uncomfortable feelings experienced relate to energy in the body trying to flow out and the mind trying to hold in. 

The unpleasantness is an internal battle that the mind keeps winning.  Because the mind keeps winning so to speak, the problem stays unresolved. 

Understanding the drives and impulses behing the Phobia and letting the mind see how to release the bodies bound energy in safety, reduces the force of the internal reaction. As the deep needs for expression are satisfied there is less build up of body energy that needs to be released. The Phobias gradually dissapear, without actually dealing with them specifically.

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