Reichian Therapy and Bioenergetics
         and their Developmental Extension into                                           Bodywork

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1-Dream interpretation 

Dreams are an excellent way to understand what is going on with your feelings, your emotions and your life.  Dreams are totally motivated from the inner self and can give you a different perspective on many aspects of your life.  This deeper portion of you has perfect perception and gives you,  from time to time memorable symbolic descriptions that enable you to see around the corners of your experience. Dreams can tell you about how you really feel in all of the situations you are in.

The benefits of understanding your true feeling state at the time of your dream is that you can build an awareness of your deeper needs and learn about what makes you tick at an inner level. Everything in a dream has meaning and relates to your life and the way you live it in some way or other. Understanding  this can help you to change the things you want to and accept the things you like.

You can help yourself remember dreams by writing them down when you wake up, write down your feelings in them as well. You can open yourself to this wonderful world by asking yourself for dreams before you go to sleep. It helps if you don't pressure yourself or try too hard, this can block the flow.

Dreams are there so that you can understand yourself and in that way, even a nightmare can be used to help you understand what is bothering you about your life. Once you are aware of where your problem areas are and what they are to do with, you can ponder your direction and find some answers that relate to what you want out of life. 

Dreams that appear to have no order or meaning whatsoever, do have meaning and it can help tremendously when you understand them.

To have a dream interpreted, write down everything that you remember about it, 

People, animals, insects, water, lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, storms, waves, seas, shores, sand, forests, bush, trees, bracken, terrain, mountains, hills, gradients, houses, huts, castles, barns, rooms, kitchens, upstairs, downstairs, basements, garages, colors, what you are doing in them, what your relationships to others are in them, ages of people, large, small, cars, trucks, trains, motorbikes, pushbikes, tanks, ships, speedboats, dinghies, dolphins, whales, octopus, sharks, crocodiles, what is happening, what they are doing, how you are moving  etc. then think about your feelings in the dream and record that as well.

If you can tell me a bit about yourself, age, gender, height, weight, etc and a bit about what is going on for you in your life, what you think is important, what sort of situation you live in, your interests. This will help me give you a full interpretation. The more information the better. 

If you wish to use this service, write your dream down with as much information as you can or feel comfortable giving, even enclosing a photograph of yourself will help. If you are doing this for someone else, like a friend or your child, just include that in your letter.

The cost of this service is NZ $70.00 Mail a cheque or money order with your dream to

Nicholas O'Connor,   

O'Connor Bioenergetics,

PO Box 105,

Mangawhai 0583. NZ

I can Email, fax or write you back.

All correspondence is strictly confidential. No information you give about yourself or others is discussed with anyone else. No document or part of any document that you may email, fax or post to me is given or shown to any other person or company.

Credit card payments have not yet been arranged


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