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3 Accident and Injury Interpretation

By Correspondence, mail or Email I will interpret any accidents or injuries into their body meaning, and relate this to what is going on in the life. An accident is a very specific occurrence that is organized and controlled at a very deep level within the individual affected.  Every step of the happening has meaning for the person even if others are involved and affected as well.  The exact injuries the body ends up with, how they happen within the context of the accident or mishap, is controlled totally from beginning to end, by the inner self.  Even if you had no conscious idea that the incident was going to occur, there is a part of our own system that organizes it to match perfectly with what is needed for growth in the life, no matter how terrible this may sound.  Many times the results of an accident are a tragedy in the life and affect others around us as well. There are reasons for this that relate to the growth needed. This may be hard to imagine as an accident or life changing incident of this nature may seem to come out of the blue.        

Understanding what has gone on in an accident and what the injury is saying at a feeling level can help you to understand the deeper side of yourself and give you a way of avoiding reoccurring mishaps by knowing yourself. Understanding an accident can also help immensely in coming to terms with what has happened. Knowing the deeper meaning attached to a mishap, regardless of what the mishap was, can, shorten the self acceptance time considerably.  

Accidents only happen when we have not been listening to what our body has been trying to say. This is not surprising as we live in a society that minimizes the importance of the body and it's feeling life. Knowing yourself in this way will promote self awareness and growth.

If you decide you would like an injury and/or accident interpretation I would need to know as much about the incident  as you can tell me;

How did it start out?-

What was your mood before it happened?-

 What sort of things were you dealing with in your life before it happened?-

What happened in as much detail as you can?-

What happened to you physically?-

What parts of your body were affected, your injuries etc.?-

The aftermath, how have you been left by it all?-

What is your thinking  when you reflect on it?-

Anything else you can think of that feels important?-

Tell me about your body shape, size and structure, small boned, wiry, tall, short Etc. if possible send a photograph of yourself with your request for an interpretation, I can send it back with your reply.

All correspondence is strictly confidential. No information you give about yourself or others is discussed with anyone else. No document or part of any document that you may email, fax or post to me is given or shown to any other person or company.

The price of the service is NZ $70.00 Payable with your request for an interpretation by cheque or Money order.

Nicholas O'Connor 

O'Connor Bioenergetics

PO Box 105

Mangawhai 0583. 

New Zealand.
Tel: 64-09-431-5089
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