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4  Illness Interpretation

When we get ill, what we get and where it affects us tells us what is going on at a feeling and emotional level. It signifies how we hold our energy in and points to conditioning and limitations that have been imposed on us as children.

An Interpretation of an illness gives very specific pointers as to what is going on in the emotional life.  Even if the diet is poor, what we get in the way of sickness and disease, what organs of the body are effected and how they are affected, tells us what emotions we are suppressing and our unfulfilled needs.  Knowing this level within ourselves can assist greatly in the healing process.  

Taking charge of your health is the best way to feel in control of your own destiny and live a fulfilling life.  Many people do not realize that health depends on what you do for yourself nor do they understand that only you, know about you. In sickness, your body is telling you what areas of your life you need to work on and what is going on in your emotional world. There are many ways that you can help yourself. There are medicines and forms of healing that do not harm the body, do not have side effects, are safe in the presence of children and can be purchased over the counter of health shops (In New Zealand at least).  There are simple, easy to understand books you can purchase that will help you to heal the ailments of the whole family. There are organizations that you can join for a minimal fee, that specialize in giving information about the other side of the vaccinnation debate.

It is not necessary that you live with ill health. The human body is a healer and given the right circumstances will heal whatever is going on at both a physical and emotional level, obviously within reason.

Much can depend on what you believe about yourself. If you think on it, every time you get a cut or a bruise your body immediately starts the healing process. You can help or hinder this process by the way you live and think and by what you do in relation to your hurts.  The same applies to illness. You can help or hinder yourself by what you believe your illness signifies and by how you act in relation to it.   

This service should be used in addition to what you would normally do to heal yourself. The information is intended to aid in the  understanding of yourself and to give you grounding in the ability to use information other than that from the normal medical and Pharmaceutical methods of society. Do not stop seeing your doctor until you understand fully the power you have in taking control of your own health and your life.

What I need from you for an interpretation, is a description of your illness, not necessarily in medical terminology. 

What parts of the body does it affect?-

How does it affect you?-

How you feel when you have this illness or sickness?-

What can and can't you do?-

How do you think it started?

Has it changed since you have had it?

Is it reoccurring?

Have you had it before?

Does it seem to run in the family?

Does anything seem to trigger it off?-

I need to know how you see yourself-

What sort of person you are- 

Your body shape-



Do you have a photo of yourself you can send with your request-


Have you ever been to these alternative practitioners?

An Iridologist?-

A Herbalist?-

A Naturopath?-

A Classical Homoeopath?-


Would you consider yourself to be any of these or a combination of these?-

A feeling person?-

An Intellectual person?-

A Sensitive type of person?-


Do you like to plan out everything before doing it?-

Are you a deep thinker?-

Are you Clairvoyant?-

Are you Psychic?-

Do you See spirits?-

Do you see Auras?-

Do you hear voices?-

Do you like to make physical contact with friends?-

The more you tell me about yourself, your physical size and shape, gender, age etc and about your illness, the more information I can give to you.

The cost of this service is NZ$70.00  Payable with your request by Money order or Cheque.

If you send me a self addressed letter or an Email address I can return your interpretation promptly. If you send me a photo of yourself I will send it back with my Interpretation by mail. 

No other person or organization will be able to view any information that you send to me. Your name and address is not given to any third party for any reason at all. All correspondance is private and kept that way.

For an Illness Interpretation send your information to:

Nicholas O'Connor

O'Connor Bioenergetics

PO Box 105                              

Mangawhai  0583.

New Zealand.


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