Reichian Therapy and Bioenergetics
         and their Developmental Extension into                                           Bodywork

                 As practiced by Nicholas Evan O'Connor  Dip PHINZ


                          The art of movement from the source





These are Services offered by Nicholas O'Connor at O'CONNOR BIOENERGETICS
1 Dream Interpretation
Dream analysis and interpretation by Email or Post  
2 Relationship problems
Relationship questions answered by Email or Post
3 Accident and injury interpretation
Interpretation and analysis of accidents and injury by Email or post.
4 Illness Interpretation

           Interpretation and analysis of illness by Email or post.

5 For Victims of Sexual and Emotional Abuse 

        Individual Reichian Therapy and Bioenergetic Bodywork to enable resolution of the long term affects, understand yourself and realize the natural ability you have to live past trauma. 

6 Self Growth, awareness, balance and understanding

            Individual Reichian Therapy and Bioenergetic Bodywork centered around personal growth and the resolution of long standing issues.

7 Parent, Guardian and child over 8 years old

            Reichian Analysis and Bioenergetic Bodywork to  understand yourself and your child/ren. Growth work for you and your child together at each session..

8 Pregnancy problems with couples or Mothers to be

            Dealing with pregnancy problems by understanding yourself, understanding the language and needs of the body and work for your partner to aid in the resolution of problems.

9  Bioenergetic Bodywork for Over 65's

            Individual Therapy for Understanding the life,  activation of body knowledge to help in healing the problems of the body. Understanding your depth.

10 Bodywork for Women

         Work into high self esteem and awareness, understand the power that you naturally have and how to use it in a feeling way.

11 Bodywork for Men

      Attain high self esteem,  self awareness and  personal power into your life.

12  Understanding Relationships- For Couples and individuals

      Bring in awareness and deepen your relationships, learn to understand your needs and how to express yourself.

13 Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease

            Change the course of these debilitating problems with Bodywork and self understanding. Touch the healing properties of the body by knowing yourself.

14 The Understanding and Resolution of Retained Anger

          Reichian Therapy, Bioenergetics & Bodywork to unload Body Anger that relates to Social Conditioning and Dysfunctional Identification.

15 Deepening Love

         Working into Love, Understanding Love and gaining Self Awareness.

16-The treatment of Phobias 

            Understand the basic causes of phobias and how to permanently resolve them by using your innate body knowledge.

17-The Treatment of Depression 

             Understanding depression and working through to resolution by tapping into your own healing powers.

18-Workshops, Groups, Lectures and Bodywork demonstrations.

            Organize a Bodywork Demonstration, A Lecture or workshop for your Group, your Company, Club or Organization..


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